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Tribute to Pete Fountain

Pete Fountain - il_214x170.605728222_7o7q

This is one of my favorite songs, ‘A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE’

Pete Fountain – Closer Walk With Thee/Amazing Grace


Yesterday, August 6,2016, one of my idols passed away.

He was a great clarinet player called Pete Fountain.

I saw him live at the Bourbon St. Inn where he played with Al Hurt, the well known trumpet player.

My wife and I went backstage  at his request. He came on over to our table during a 15 minutes intermission. We thought it was because we were cheering loudly during his performance.

Instead, he said,”Kid, you want to come back stage and take a lot of photos after the show?”

In perfect harmony we said, “Yes.”

We asked, Why did you pick us out of everyone here?”

Laughingly he said, ” Because your flash is blinding me”.

He was very gracious and kind to us. We laughed as he talked about jazz and playing clarinet. He encouraged me to get a Le Blanc clarinet. It’s the type he played.

The world of music will miss him.


Pete Fountain – When The Saints Go Marching In


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