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Tribute to Pete Fountain

This is one of my favorite songs, ‘A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE’ Pete Fountain – Closer Walk With Thee/Amazing Grace ~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, August 6,2016, one of my idols passed away. He was a great clarinet player called Pete Fountain. I saw him live at the Bourbon St. Inn where he played with Al Hurt, the… Continue reading Tribute to Pete Fountain

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Witty Wednesday

A wealthy old lady decides to go on a photo safari in Africa, taking her faithful, aged poodle named Cuddles along for the company. One day the poodle starts chasing butterflies and before long Cuddles discovers that she’s lost. Wandering about, she notices a leopard heading rapidly in her direction with the intention of having… Continue reading Witty Wednesday

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Swimming Stingrays

Stingrays are a bottom-dwelling marine ray with a flattened diamond-shaped body and a long poisonous serrated spine at the base of the tail. These stingrays  are swimming in the warm Caribbean waters of the Grand Cayman Islands. You can swim among them in a place called Stingray City. This copper wallhanging is a version of what I… Continue reading Swimming Stingrays

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Copper Palm Tree Memorial

Laisley park in Punta Gorda, Florida plays host to a magnificent copper tree sculpture. The artist Peggy McTeague was commissioned to sculpt this by the town of Punta Gorda in honor of those who survived the on slight of Hurricane Charley in 2004. The installation of this symbol of strength overlooked the Peace River which… Continue reading Copper Palm Tree Memorial